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Did you know that Veterinarians report that an average of 2.5 plastic bags as well as other plastic waste are found inside the stomachs of cows in abattoirs in Western Kenya?

August 28, 2017 marks the enactment of the new law banning the use, manufacture and importation of plastic bags for commercial and domestic use in Kenya.

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Early career researchers in the disciplines of environment, agriculture and food sciences are invited to send applications for consideration to attend a workshop on ‘Strengthening Food Security through Integrated Earth Observations & Ecological Assessments of Ecosystem Services in Kenya’.

This is a workshop under the Newton Fund - Researcher Links scheme, organized by the British Council, together with University of Leicester and University of Nairobi.

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The National Research Fund (NRF) has released a total of Ksh. 33,794,322 for Postgraduate student’s research programmes. 

64 University of Nairobi postgraduate students’ projects were selected for funding for the 1st NRF Call sent out in 2016.

Recipients should contact the Finance Officer for guidance on access of the funds. 

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The National Commission for Science Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) is seeking to engage Quality Assurance experts in research.

Engagement is on a part-time basis. Roles include

  • Assist the commission during inspection for compliance
  • Monitoring and evaluation of registration and/or accreditation of research institutions

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The National Research Fund (NRF) has released to the University of Nairobi Ksh.4.8m being funding for 20 postgraduate students whose research projects were competitively selected for funding.

The successful applicants submitted proposals consideration of funding for the 2015/2016 7th Call for MSc/MA and PhD research proposals sent out by the National Commission for Science Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI). The funding was aimed at supporting the research component of the postgraduate applicants programmes. 

See list of recipients below:

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