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Calendar of Activities in RPE


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All Calendar of Activities
Starting in 2013
   Start Date End Date Title UnitType Venue Contact
114-Jan-201331-Aug-2013 Develop a University of Nairobi Communication Policy RPEOthers
214-Jan-201323-Dec-2013 Develop a Research Grants management Information System (RGMIS) RPEOthers
314-Jan-201323-Dec-2013 Develop a Research Grants management Information System (RGMIS) RPE
414-Jan-201323-Dec-2013 Develop a Policy on research infrastructure utilization RPEOthers
514-Jan-201323-Dec-2013 Develop a Brochure for consultancy services RPEOthers
614-Jan-201305-Dec-2014 Develop a database of stakeholders for each project undertaken RPEOthers
701-Apr-201331-Aug-2013 Develop University of Nairobi Outreach & Extension Policy RPEOthers
816-May-201331-Jul-2013 Develop Intellectual Property/Creativity Award Scheme RPEOthers

Mr. Spencer M. Muthoka: Intellectual Property Management Officer

Contacts The Intellectual Property Management Office
  University of Nairobi
Postal Address: P.O. Box 19676 – 00202,
  Nairobi, Kenya.
Email Address
Telephone Number: 4446544/444919


901-Aug-201331-Aug-2013 Review applications for award of University of Nairobi Deans’ Committee Grant RPEStaff
Starting in 2015
   Start Date End Date Title UnitType Venue Contact
1016-Feb-201516-Feb-2015 Public lecture by the UK Special Representative for Climate Change RPE Millennium Hall 1, Chiromo Campus Rosemary Barasa ICCA
1119-May-201522-May-2015 Second Announcement for HAB and Climate Change Symposium RPEOthers Goteborg, Sweden