National Innovation Award 2018: 'Suction Machine' wins 2nd runner-up award in Engineering and Manufacturing Category

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Date and time: 
Wed, 2018-05-16 12:07

The Suction Machine has won the 2nd runner-up award in the Engineering and Manufacturing Category in the 2nd Call of the National Innovation Awards Programme.

The Awards organized by the Kenya National Innovation Agency (KENIA), attracted approximately 100 entries in various categories. 74 of these entries were qualified for the Awards having met the basic minimum requirements of the Call. The best three innovations were selected in the six categories presented in the Call.

About the Suction Machine

This is an innovation by innovators at the Science and Technology Park (STP) under Maker Space project which aims to address gaps in the supply of maternal and newborn child health medical equipment through the creation of low-cost, high-quality and locally designed and produced essential medical equipment by a network of Makers and MNCH practitioners. The final suction machine prototypes have been done and are due to undergo clinical tests in July this year. It is envisioned to have the Suction Machine in the market within a period of 12 months.




Suction Machine

The device is one of the 10 medical equipment being prototyped Maker Space and the award will go towards market development of the device.

Innovators at the STP

The Research Production and Extension Division wishes to congratulate Dr. Richard Ayah, Director, Science and Technology Park on this achievement.



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