Research Ethical Clearance

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KNH- UoN Ethical Research Committee (ERC) requirements for ethical review:

1. Fill the KNH- UoN ERC Application Form 
This form should be filled in summary as it simply gives an overview of the study. Ensure that ALL sections of the form are filled.

2. Submit three bound hard copies of your research proposal following the KNH- UoN ERC guidelines for proposal development  

Please note that the proposal and Application Form should be signed and dated by the applicant and the  research supervisors.

For foreign students, it is recommended you include a local supervisor (preferably from the University of Nairobi) as the study will be conducted in Kenya.

In the appendices section, ensure to include the informed consent form(s) and research tools e.g. questionnaires, interview guides, etc. that will  be used in the study for review. 

Attach a copy of the ethical approval letter obtained from your IRB.

3. The filled Application Form should be printed and bound together with the research proposal and should be placed a fore front; preceding the main research proposal. This should be done to
all the three copies.


For fee chargeable, kindly contact KNH-UON ERC

Review of research proposals by the KNH- UoN ERC takes four to eight weeks (4- 8 weeks). It is of important to note that upon review, the committee may recommend revisions. The proposal with KNH-UON ERC comments implements should be resubmitted within the specified period.

Upon ethical approval,  the researcher will need to need to apply for a research permit from the National Council of Science and Technology (NACOSTI).