Centre for HIV Prevention and Research

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The University of Nairobi- Centre for HIV Prevention and Research (CHIVPR) situated at the College of Health Sciences was established in 2006 as a successor to the defunct Strengthening STD/HIV/AIDS Control Project in Kenya (STD Project). The STD Project was a collaboration of the University of Nairobi and University of Manitoba with funding by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The initiative was as an intervention targeting the STD/HIV/AIDS vulnerable groups more specifically Female sex workers and their clients in Kenya.  In the fifteen-year period of its existence between 1990 and 2006, the STD Project recorded impressive results in its areas of operations and in the process amassed a credible body of knowledge and skills.

As a research Centre within the University of Nairobi, CHIVPR aims to build capacity for rigorous health, social and behavioral science research on HIV/AIDS. In addition interpreting this to HIV and AIDS Preventative, care, treatment and support for the Most At Risk Population (MARPS).

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