Research & Research Related Policies

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Policy on Appointment on Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct appointments are special academic appointments made to qualified individuals who are expected to make significant contributions to the University’s academic activities in their areas of professional expertise. This enhances greater internationalization and tapping of industrial experience...Read more

Extension and Outreach Policy

The Extension and Outreach Policy provides a guiding framework to encourage, facilitate and systematically implement extension and outreach services of the university. To this end, the policy will enable the university to fully contribute towards local, national, regional and international development through extension and outreach services...Read more

Intellectual Property Policy

The Intellectual Property Policy encourages the development of inventions, innovations and other intellectual creations for the best interest of the public, creator and…Read more

Incubation Policy

The purpose of this policy is to guide the establishment and sustainable operation of incubation centres in the University. The main goal of these centres is to nurture new enterprises that have innovative products and services for local, regional and global markets and grow/develop them into sustainable...Read more

Research Policy

The Research Policy provides a guiding framework to facilitate research-related policy development and review, and planning and implementation of research activities within the University. The Policy will also ensure that all research activities have a clear purpose...Read more

Open Access Policy

At the heart of the Open Access is the need to provide universal access to information and knowledge. Open Access is the provision of free and unrestricted access to peer reviewed, scholarly and research information to all...Read more

Plagiarism Policy

The Plagiarism Policy emphasizes the importance of underpinning ethical values in teaching and learning and the need to acknowledge the contribution of others and ensuring originality in…Read more

Policy on Postdoctoral Training

Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs) are individuals who are undertaking additional advanced research after completing their doctorate or equivalent degrees. They normally do their research under a senior scholar/mentor...Read more

Research Rewards and Awards Programme

Publication and commercialization of research outputs forms one of the key job descriptions of faculty members at the University of Nairobi. The Research and Awards programme aims to honour the efforts of outstanding researchers in the university, as well as encourage an increase in research productivity. The latter will raise the University's profile and rank...Read more