Predatory journals

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In this first growing age of technology, there are a lot of questionable and unscrupulous companies out there that purport to provide scholarly publications. They take advantage of authors wishing to get their manuscripts published by sending offers to publish quickly. These publishers have unclear structures and  review processes. Authors pay them publication fees yet they don’t provide editorial and publishing services associated with legitimate journals. Academics and researchers need to be aware of the following;

  • Predatory Journals
  • Hijacked Journals
  • Misleading Metrics

Researchers should be careful when approached by some companies to submit articles or serve as editors on editorial Boards.  Identifying them can be difficult as they will illegally use names of   reputable and popular publishers. The BEALL’s List of Predatory Open Access journals/publishers provide a list of such questionable publishers/journals and advice on how to identify them. Please take time to explore the BEALL’s List of questionable scholarly open access publishers and journals at  

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