Internal Funding

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Each year, the Unvirsity of Nairobi allocates funds through the Dean's Committee Research Grant to fund research conducted by faculty in the University. 

The purpose of the Deans’ Committee Research Grant is to support research and capacity building in priority areas in relation to the National Development Targets and the University of Nairobi Strategic Plan.
To be eligible for the Deans’ Committee Research Grant:
i. Applicants must be full time faculty at the University of Nairobi; or
ii. Employees of the University of Nairobi on staff development undertaking their postgraduate studies at the University or;
iii. Fulltime postgraduate students registered at the University of Nairobi.
iv. In the case of (iii) above, the application for the grant must be lodged by the supervisor of the student.
v. The proposed research work must be conducted at the University of Nairobi, except where the project has been declared as collaborative work between University of Nairobi and other institutions.
vi. Where the proposed project is part of collaborative work with other institutions as (v) above, the appropriate collaboration documents must have been lodged with the University of Nairobi’s Legal Office or Center for International Programmes and Links (CIPL).
vii. The project must focus on the national development goals’ priority areas and/or the University of Nairobi strategic plan.
viii. Applications must be received before the deadline.
ix. Person(s) applying should have relevant qualifications and experience in the area of the proposed project (Applicants must have a minimum of Masters Degree).
x. A researcher is eligible to make one application for funding at any given funding period.

Grant recipients