Message from DVC (RPE)

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The University of Nairobi is a research intensive university with a reputation for excellence and a strong and vibrant research culture. Our research work is recognised for its impact and relevance to the region.

The University of Nairobi is dedicated to creating and strengthening partnerships with industry and other significant institutions and/or organizations to maximize research outcomes. We are especially proud of the contributions the University is making through our research and learning centers and institutes and their involvement with industry partners.

The ability of the university’s innovation incubation centre like the Science and Technology Park in conjunction with the Intellectual Property Management Office to transfer research outcomes to commercial reality is highly regarded.

The University of Nairobi also values its research students as important contributors to our research standing and provides a supportive environment to achieve excellent student outcomes. The high standards set by the University ensure that our research postgraduate degrees are respected and valued throughout the world.

It is against this background that the University of Nairobi Council made a decision to create the Research, Production and Extension (RPE) Division within the management structure in order to advance the University’s research profile. The Division was headed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Lucy Irungu (Feb 2011-Feb 2018) who was responsible for the strategic research direction and overall research performance of the University and in particular for maintaining and advancing the University’s research profile, research training, technology transfer and commercialization of research outcomes. Currently the Division is headed by Prof. Madara Ogot. 

The RPE Division also provides research support and services to University of Nairobi researchers and postgraduate research students through the following units;