Current Research Projects

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Developing a Secure Food System Based on Well Adapted Pearl Millet Genotypes in Appropriate Crop Mixtures


Establishment of a Teaching, Training and Research Centre of Non-Destructive Testing of Materials at the Institute of Nuclear Science

Determination of Effectiveness of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPS) in Drying Maize and Prevention of Aflatoxin Contamination

Rain Water Harvesting

Climate Change Impacts on Ecosystem Services and Food Security in Eastern Africa (CHIESA) – Increasing knowledge building capacity and developing adaptation strategies

LEADHER Programme – Strengthening research capacity and research management in Universities

Assessment of the capacity of business schools and other institutions to support the development of entrepreneurship in Eastern Africa

Anthelmintic Assays using GPCRs as Drug Targets – Tenable at Mc Gill University, Canada

A countrywide survey on what Kenyans know/think about NSSF Educational campaign

Complementary strategies to help NSSF recruit new subscribers

Poverty impacts of straddling: Rural income diversification in SSA

Food price trends and policy options for enhancing food security in Eastern Africa

Stabilising Kenya by solving forest related conflicts (STAKE)

Enhancing the camel milk value chain

Barcodes for Improved Child Vaccination and Family Nutrition

Enhancing Dairy Goat Productivity in Kenya Using Better Breeding Strategies, Good Husbandry Practices and Stakeholder Capacity Building

Public Health Hazards and Associated Risk Factors along the Camel Milk Production and Marketing Chain

Improving the Iron Status of Young Children in the Lake Victoria Basin Region Using Porridge Flour Supplemented with Bovine Blood

Successful African Firms

Strengthening Education and Training Infrastructure and Building Competence in Radiation Safety

Establishing NDT Laboratory at the Institute of Nuclear Science & technology for Training Research and Service Provision in the Field of NDT Applications

Innovative Application of ICTs in Addressing Water‐related Impacts of Climate Change

Implementing Priority Areas Under Global Fund Round 10 Malaria Component

UoN Ophthalmology Training

Understanding Paediatric HIV disclosure in Kenya

Research development of solar cells based on dye-sensitized nanocrystalline Ti02 semiconductor thin films

Passion fruit diagnostics and identification of passion fruit viruses

Development of integrated management methods for banana weevil in Central Province

UNESCO- L’OREAL Fellowship for young women in life

The influence of polymorphisms of drug metabolizing enzymes on Nevirapine plasma levels and therapeutic implications in Kenyan HIV/AIDS patients

Application on ICTS for water management under changing climatic conditions: Research Awards Program Project

Catalyzing the new mobility in cities


Promotion of Professional Social Work towards Social Development and Poverty Reduction in East Africa

Subcontract No. 542070 between University of Nairobi and University of Washington.

African Materials, Science and Engineering Network (AMSEN)

Sustainable Buildings Policies in Developing Countries (SPOD)

Capacity Building of the National Public Health and Mbagathi Hospital PACT-COE

UoN-USAID Agricultural Biotech Outreach Program

Adapting Livestock systems to climate change: A global approach

Maize production and marketing

Population genetics for improved health management

Tilapia genetics at Lake Baringo

Mitochondrial genetics and enhances metabolic traits in swine

LAMP technique for diagnosis in animal health

Population genomics for improved health management

Strategies to promote Rabbit value chain in Kenya

Promoting sustainability of Aquaculture Sector

Productivity and growth in organic value chains

Industrial Enzymes for Sustainable Bio Economy Consortium project

Sustainable Building Policies in Developing Countries (SPOD)

A comparative study on toxicity, protective and cell defence induction capacity of flavones from Kenyan plants and lipophilic semi-synthetic derivatives

Relationship Between Air and Blood Lead levels in Welding, Paint and Lead Acid battery Plants: Occupational Health Case

Natural Products Chemistry Research Towards management of Tropical Diseases

Fabrication of Silver Based Nanobiosenser Chips for Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs Monitoring

Documentation and Evaluation of the Efficacy of Institutional and Household Energy Stores for improved livelihood and Poverty Reduction of Kenyan Communities

Synthesis of Novel Nanostructured biosensors Using Polyaniline and Derivatized Polyaniline for Analysis and Characterization  of Bisphenol-A

Establishment of Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation

Strengthening Inorganic Chemistry


  1. Africa

Central Province Response Integration, Strengthening and Sustainability Project (CRISSP)

Strengthening of National Ethics Research Committee, Networking and Capacity Building in Kenya

One Health East and Central Africa (OHCEA)

Water Harvesting Environment, Health and Nutrition Sustainability – Kitui West

Prevalence of Low Birth Weights and Associated Factors in Narok District Hospital

Transform Nutritional Tracking the neglected crisis of under-nutrition

Rain Water Harvesting for Enhanced Water, Food and Nutritional Security: The case of Kitui West Constituency, Kenya

The Role of Indigenous Leafy Vegetables in Immune Boosting in a Laboratory Animal

Risk Factors for Human Colorectal Cancer in Kenya