Quality Assurance Board

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The Quality Assurance Board comprises of a Director of Quality Assurance as the Chairperson, one academic member of staff nominated from each of the Colleges, the University Librarian and two students representatives.

The Board has a mandate to:

  • promote and sustain quality culture in the University;
  • spearhead quality enhancement within the University and;
  • facilitate the cascading of the University's quality assurance strategy to all Colleges.

The Board comprises of following members:

Dr. Okwiri Owino - Ag. Director, Quality Assurance/Chairperson
Mr. Steve Gachie Njoroge - Rep. College of Architecture & Engineering
Prof. Samuel K. Mbugua - Rep.College of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences
Prof. Horace Ochanda - Rep. College of Biogical & Physical Sciences
Mr. Edward Kanori Njenga - Rep. College of Education & External Studies
Prof. Walter Jaoko - Rep. College of Health Sciences
Dr. Agnes Philomena Zani, Rep. College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Mrs. Jacinta Were - Ag. University Librarian
Prof. Genevieve Wanjala - Dept. of Education, Administration & Planning
Ms. Edith Mwirigi - Students Representative
Mr. Bonnie Ng'eno - Students Representative