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The African International Business and Management (AIBUMA) Conference is an annual event hosted by the School of Business, University of Nairobi. The AIBUMA conference provides forum for disciplinary and interdisciplinary communications, where researchers  in both Social and Natural Sciences, as well as in Engineering, intellectuals, policy makers and consultants get to share the results of their research, studies and thoughts, with regards to societies and in private and/or public organizations.

Call for papers is open and accepting submissions of abstracts up to June 2, 2016.  

This year’s theme is “leveraging on technology in expanding the frontiers of business”


  • Technology and SMEs
  • Technology and manufacturing, service, design and delivery
  • Technology and sustainable development
  • Technology and marketing effectiveness
  • The role of technology in strategic management
  • Human Resource Management and Technology
  • Operations management and Technology
  • Insurance and Technology
  • Procurement and Supply chain management and Technology
  • Role of Technology in sustainable business

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Alexandria University, Egypt is receiving applications from interested applicants from the Nile Basin Countries wishing to pursue postgraduate studies in Alexandria University starting fall semester of 2016/2017.

Kenya has been allocated five scholarships. Award of the scholarships will be on a competitive basis.

The scholarship includes waiving of tuition fees only for duration of study.

Applicants should submit their applications, copies of their transcripts and a medical HIV testing certificate online.


  • Be a holder of a Bachelor of Science, Second Class Upper or above

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The World Academy of Science for the advancement of science in developing countries is inviting applications for its Research Grant Programmes in Basic Sciences.  The grant aims to support purchase of equipment, consumable supplies and Master of Science students in the fields of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.

Grant award is to individual scientists, research groups and consortia. 

Individual scientists wishing to apply for the grant should be young researchers not more than 45 years and hold a minimum of a PhD degree.  See application guidelines

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(story adapted from The Conversation)

The arrival of drug-resistant tuberculosis has significantly complicated global efforts to decrease the scourge of the disease.

Each year more than nine million people are infected with TB and another 1.5 million die. But the latest figures show that at least 20% of people diagnosed with the disease have “multiple-drug-resistant” TB. And about 9.7% of these also have “extensively-drug-resistant TB”.

TB is caused by bacteria that attacks the lungs. Most TB treatments target bacteria that actively grow in the body. But a very important subset of bacteria is able to survive treatment. These are known as persistent bacteria.

Though these persistent bacteria only represent a very small proportion of the bacteria that causes TB, failing to get rid of them can have devastating consequences. They are responsible for lengthy drug treatment, and could contribute to drug resistance. They therefore should also be the target of TB therapies.

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